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Still thinking of the right words to explain the enjoyment ….

Where do I begin?


By chance I came across Tagiru as I was looking for a quiet place do go for panchakarma treatment. Not even sure what made me chose it, but I am so grateful I did!


The place is truly amazing! Located right on a very quiet and secluded beach – you only hear the ocean at the retreat. Perfect place to switch of and be with yourself. It is a small, boutique hotel, extremely nice minimal design – a fusion of best Sri Lankan and Japanese creativity with a swimming pool for guest. Immaculately clean and well maintained.

All services provided were top notch – treatments, food, additional activities – yoga, meditation, excursions, transfers, etc.

The staff – here is where I become speechless! I have travelled a lot and stayed in hotels from no star to some very luxurious properties. I can however confidently say I have never found such professional, committed, and attentive staff. Two best doctors who tailor the treatments for each guest individually, monitor the progress tirelessly, and are there for you day and night, literally. Therapists who fixed my mind and body! Like for real!
The management was there to make my stay the best. They were all available for any of the guests at any time and fro anything we needed. Also, individual attention all of us were receiving was heartwarming as it was genuine.


I could go on and on praising them all. But you would still not feel it unless you experience it yourself. Therefore, I recommend you book a stay at Tagiru as soon as you can. I guarantee you it will become more and more difficult to find a vacant spot. They are the best already and will only get better!


I am certainly looking forward to my next trip to Tagiru!


Just what I needed at the right time and right place.
Enjoyed early morning beach walks, activities and the treatments were just

The food was great and housekeeping was perfect. Met nice people in a relaxing atmosphere. The word ‘Ayubowan’ means so much to me now.
Would love to go again!


It was a precious experience to take “Panchakarma” in the best location in front of the sea. Because it is a small hotel with 12 rooms, I was able to spend a calm and relaxing time. The hospitality of all the staff is wonderful. The four treatments a day were special and three full-course meals a day, all of which were tailored to my constitution were very delicious. I enjoyed Yoga or Taichi every morning and also there were lots of fun content such as cooking classes, BBQ, and music therapy, so I was able to spend a long stay without getting bored.


Check out Google map for our location & another reviews.


Tagiru was the first stop on our Sri Lanka-roundtrip and the perfect way to start off our holidays: three days of relaxing treatments, delicious and healthy food and nothing but positive vibes! We highly recommend staying longer and enjoying the full experience of an Ayurvedic treatment!


The entire Tagiru team (Japanese owner family, management, doctors, therapists and staff) were kind, professional, helpful and attentive (i.e. birthday fruit cake and room decoration 😊) throughout our entire stay.

Our room at Tagiru was clean and spacious with a beautiful beachfront view. Each day we had the possibility to take part in a Yoga or Tai-Chi class, which was a great start into the day.We really appreciated the generous and declicious meals, which introduced us to the richness of vegetables and fruits of Sri Lanka.


Regarding the aryuvedic treatment we were warmly consulted by the doctors and enjoyed the daily routine of massages and baths (especially the ones with ocean view in the beautiful garden).


If you are looking for a calm place to rest and recharge your mind and body, you should definetly choose Tagiru!

Thanks to the whole team! We will see you again!

Lisa and Stephan


A great experience, very comfortable rooms and clean facilities, enormous effort from the staff, from kitchen, service, housekeeping, guest Management to the therapists who give their very best for each guest.


Doctors take each guests health and ayurvedic treatment very important and individual. I improved a lot during my stay of 2.5 weeks there. Tagiru is located in a quiet area, directly at the beach, which was occasionaly visited by a monitor lizard (Waran), sea turtles or cow but hardly anyone else.



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