Tagiru. believes "Food is Medicine"

In Ayurveda, food is treated as "the most important thing" for people to be healthy both physically and mentally. Food has a direct impact on our body and mind.

During your stay at Tagiru., you can enjoy three meals freshly prepared based on Ayurvedic principles specifically for you, and you take a good attention to the changes in your mind and body as the days go on. We also provide meal plan just for you after returning home.

"If you eat well, you don't need medicine."

In Ayurvedic classics, the importance of diet is expressed by saying, "If you eat well, you don't need medicine."

It should be a well-cooked, easy-to-digest dish. It should be a dish that uses plenty of vegetables, spices and herbs. It should be fresh and warm... etc. We serve our dishes by our experienced chefs based on Ayurvedic principles.

Meals that suits your constitution and physical condition

At your first day at Tagiru., our doctor will write you a personalized meal plan (prescription) and share it with our kitchen staff. This is because what and how much should you eat are slightly different according to each person's constitution and physical condition.

We often see our chefs checking the meal plan of each guests so that they will prepare dishes that are suitable for each guest. Please feel free to stop by our kitchen during your stay. Our chefs will be very happy if you share them what you think of the food.

A Course Meal that you can enjoy eating slowly

Tagiru. offers three times of course meals everyday while the other large scaled Ayurvedic resort hotels offer buffet style meal.

Our lunch and dinner course meals start with a cup of soup. The aroma of the spices and the warmth of the soup will make you feel at ease. You will gradually feel lighter both physically and mentally during your stay by eating Ayurvedic food that is good for digestion in the course meal. We hope that it will be an opportunity for you to deeply reconsider the act of "eating" itself in your life.

Plenty of Sri Lankan local ingredients

"Curry" is the Essence of Sri Lanka as you may know already. At Tagiru., we use plenty of Sri Lankan ingredients, herbs, and spices for your Ayurvedic curry. For example, Sri Lanka is the origin of Cinnamon and Lemongrass, one of the most famous herbs in the world. You can feel how spices are the "foundation" of this country's culture.

At Tagiru., we use ghee and coconut oil for our meals. Coconut oil has a mild taste, and our curry is not spicy, so some of our guests say, "I have never had a curry that is so tender"

And, the fresh and colourful fruits of the tropical island, such as mango and papaya, will be also the highlights of your Ayurvedic journey.

"Cooking class" held regularly

Our "Cooking Class" may be one of the most exciting time at Tagiru..
This event gives you a glimpse of how our daily meals are cooked. All guests enjoy taking lots of notes and pictures.

Furthermore, there is also a demonstration of using up a whole large coconut. Sri Lankan people cherishes mother nature.

Having lunch in our beach garden

Sometimes we prepare your lunch in our beach garden. You can enjoy your meal while watching the sea and feeling sea breeze. Sometimes you can also have an Ayurvedic BBQ in the garden. In addition to eating good food, it is also important for us to organize the eating process and the environment.

“Nutrition Plan,” a Guide to your daily diet after returning home sweet home

At the final consultation with our doctor, she will hand you a "Nutrition Plan" specifically for you so that you can improve your diet plan back at home, prolonging the journey to wellness and vitality.