Our 2nd Ayurveda Resort will open in December

This is to happily announce that we, Tagiru. Ayurveda Resort, will open the 2nd Ayurveda Resort in December, which is located only 2 minutes by car from our place.


Our current Tagiru is the place like the small “Nest” that condenses all the essence of Ayurveda. Without changing the nature of Tagiru, the 2nd place will be the one that feels more sense of freedom and release, because of its bigger space (2.5-3 Times Square feet of Tagiru.)



We will follow the same concept of Tagiru, that is, attentively personalized and dedicated Ayurveda venue, and all rooms facing the Indian Ocean with the great sea view.

We still have only a limited image as attached, more information will follow in the beginning of August.


If you are interested in staying in our new place, please let us know. We will update you with the news, and arrange the booking if you wish.

Thank you and See you in Sri Lanka!